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The SM XII structure.

The front linkage has a completely closed shoulder and stainless steel protective cover to guarantee the operator’s safety. The control panels are protected and easy to understand. Mosconi spa has manufactured the new SM XII fleshing machine model with innovative technical solutions, enhancing the robustness and ensuring easy use and maintenance (which varies according to the environment in which the machine is used). The heat-treated monobloc structure, the large cylinder diameters and the precise choice of components allow lime-split and hair on hides to be processed even in extremely harsh conditions, and to obtain accurate fleshing and good trimming of the hide’s edges.

Functionality, safety, reliability.

The SM XII fleshing machine has a full stainless-steel cover.

It has a timed automatic opening to reduce downtime. The safety barrier promptly reopens the operating cylinders. To ensure the operator’s safety, Mosconi spa has designed the SM XII fleshing machine with a photocell that stops the machine closing in the presence of an obstacle. In the event of a power cut or hydraulic pump failure, the machine opens automatically. The hydraulic power unit and the electric panel are built-in to the structure to minimise the overall dimensions of the machine. Lubrication takes place with centralised greasing points.

motore a pistoni radiali

Other technical features of the
Mosconi fleshing machine.

  • As in the shaving machine, the transmission of the blade cylinder of the fleshing machine occurs through belts.
  • The new hydraulic transmission of the extractor rollers is carried out by a radial piston engine.
  • The operating cylinders open and close hydraulically.
  • The variable speed of the transport rollers over 60 metres a minute is achieved thanks to hydraulic motors. The total absence of chains, pinions, tensioners and other mechanical parts subject to wear ensures minimal maintenance and silent operation.
  • The maximum working pressure is instantaneously activated only when the machine is closed. This allows the support cylinder to go into the working position, avoiding abrupt impacts on the hide and less fatigue in the transmission parts. When the machine is open, the pressure in the hydraulic circuit resets.
  • The large-diameter blade cylinder (314 millimetres, cavity bottom 244 millimetres) is mobile and hydraulically adapts to various hide thicknesses according to the programming.
  • A tannery operator can give the desired value to each selector to optimise the fleshing result even on hides of different weights and thicknesses.
  • Regardless of whether increases are used, the passage of the thicker areas (heads) is facilitated by the “head raising” device.
  • The hydraulic motor that drives the rubber-coated roller s built-in to the lever. The gear transmission is in an oil bath.
  • The electric panel is separated and is watertight.
  • The hydraulic operation of the hide detacher roller is indicated for fleshing fresh hides and the back to back solutions.


Working width mm 2700 3200
Length [A] mm 4900 5400
Width [B] mm 3300 3800
Length [C] mm 5120 5620
Maximum installed power - 50 Hz kW 78 78
Maximum installed power - 60 Hz kW 94 94
Net weight kg 11000 11000


Upon request, the company equips the SM XII fleshing machine with:

  • “hump saver” hydraulic device,
  • separate electric cabinet,
  • “hide detacher” hydraulic device.
Find out about the optionals!

The continuous work of the SM XII fleshing machine.

tecnologia back to back

Back to back technology, which is two combined units, represents various advantages for the tannery and fleshing hides, including:

  • the reduction of machine operators,
  • higher productivity,
  • time optimisation
  • and the considerable reduction in downtime.

In fact, thanks to this system, if one machine is not operating, it is possible to flesh with the other without stopping production.


The two operators on the fleshing machine use the first machine conventionally, with the only difference that, after having loaded the hide into the machine and fleshed the first part, they extract it to send it to the second machine on a conveyor belt.


The hide arrives at the second machine with the unfleshed part in front, ready to be inserted. The presence of the hide is detected by the automatic system.


In this second work station, the outfeed hide is not collected, but left to fall onto the slide below, where it is trimmed and sent to the subsequent processing.

tecnologia back to back

Would you like to have further information on the Mosconi SM XII machine? Contact the company: our technicians are at your disposal.