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Splitting machine

The new Mosconi Super Zenit Evolution splitting machine is the result of a series of innovations and improvements, designed and tested to strengthen the structural, functional and operational performance. The precision and high performance of this machine for splitting hides, as the high productivity, reliability and reduced maintenance, are its strengths and the best guarantee of a safe, lasting and advantageous investment. This splitting machine is available in the lime-split and wet-blue version.

structure super zenit evolution

The counter-roller unit (in the lime-split version) contrasts the bending of the rubber-coated cylinder with independent adjustments.

wet blu

Splitting machine

The wet-blue version provides an automatic introducer, the motorisation of the joint movement of head and bench with reading of the movement on a display, and the bilateral split outfeed belt. The application of the regulator motorisation can be combined with a rear measurement bridge.

Splitting machine wet blu
Splitting machine wet blu

The double counter roller unit, applied in the central area, allows the limited use of the “brackets” only on the side parts of the traction roller (where there is less wear), therefore reducing the maintenance and adjustment operations.


and synthetic materials

Splitting synthetic materials like non-woven fabric, is a plausible configuration of the machine, with accessories at the infeed and outfeed for continuous splitting.

Splitting synthetic materials
The structure of the Super Zenit Evolution.
  • The machine body is made of a monobloc of electro-welded steel and is heat treated to avoid any type of deformation over time (like the fleshing machine and shaving machine).
  • The cabinet protects the touch screen and the control panel during washing operations. The electric panel is watertight.
  • Super Zenit Evolution also has a ‘birker’ sensitive profile and an adjustable safety barrier.
  • It has 8 regulators on the head and 2 lateral hydraulic regulators for arching. The machine even has devices for correcting the profile of the conveyor cylinder: depending on the rotation, the regulator will have a positive effect (loaded) or negative (unloaded).
  • The upper crosspiece has been reinforced with larger widths.
structure super zenit evolution
gruppo affilatori

The new sharpeners.

The grinders are operated by rotating spindle motors on pairs of high-precision bearings, supported by a robust cast iron structure. A calculated inclination of the sliding guides allows the cutting angle to be kept constant, set to the gradual reduction of the diameter of the grinders. The automatic devices for the micrometric progress of them and of the “detach/attach” control, are electric (direct current motors). The grinding groups are protected by a STAINLESS-STEEL cover in the lime-split version.

The lower longitudinal unit.

The new structure of a crosspiece, brackets, table and contrast roller supports, all in heat treated cast iron, gives increased bending resistance. The adjustment of the lower longitudinal unit occurs through screw jacks.

The head.

The Super Zenit Evolution splitting machine was created from an innovative project and is made of cast iron with high resistance to bending and stabilised through heat treatment. The thickness search is achieved through a precision device in electrically operated oil bath. The recovery of any wear is hydraulic. The centesimal variation of the thickness is controlled by an encoder and visualised on a digital display. The quick opening and closing movement is hydraulic, with an automatic return to the pre-set thickness.

the head super zenit evolution

Other technical features of splitting machines.

panels to control the grinding of the blades
  • The splitting machine has panels to visualise the thickness of the processed hides and to control the grinding of the blades.
  • The loading table is without steel sheet, to illustrate the air channelling needed to clean the bench tips and the same cutting area.

For the operator’s safety in the tannery, in the Super Zenit Evolution splitting machine there are:

  • an inverter to control the blade rotation speed
  • an inverter for the blade retraction motor
  • a safety valve to lock the head
  • a safety switch for the interlocking of the flywheel protection casing

The control panel is easy to understand and has an automatic hide counting device.

inverter to control the blade rotation speed


SUPER ZENIT EVOLUTION 2300* 3000 3200 3250* 3300 3600
Working width mm 2300 3000 3200 3250 3300 3600
Length mm 5560 6250 6450 6450 6450 6760
Width mm 1435 1435 1435 1435 1435 1435
Height mm 1740 1740 1740 1740 1740 1740
Maximum installed power - 50 Hz kW WB 25 25 25 25 28 28
TR 30 30 30 30 30 30
Maximum installed power - 60 Hz kW WB 30 30 30 30 33 33
TR 36 36 36 36 36 36
Net weight kg 9500 10200 10500 10600 10700 11000
* On request


Upon customer request, Mosconi spa regulator motorisation in the wet blue/dry version and the programmable motorisation of the longitudinal bench for the lime-split version. It is also possible to request the remote assistance service.

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