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The best for customers.

Mosconi spa has always committed to providing its customers with a consultancy and assistance service, even after sales.
Machine manufacturers since 1946, the company is ever present in the production life of each machine to optimise times and make the activity of the fleshing machines, splitting machines and shaving machines constantly efficient.

Routine and non-routine


Mosconi spa takes care of the installation and commissioning of the machines, the training of the operators when required, troubleshooting fleshing machines, splitting machines and shaving machines or the final product. The company also provides remote assistance as an optional service, so customers can directly solve any inconveniences or ask for suggestions. Mosconi spa also guarantees the punctual shipping of spare parts.

To achieve an increasingly better output and to respond to the various customer requests, a team of technicians works in Mosconi spa that is available to offer daily consultancy and technical assistance on the machines, on their best use and on the most efficient management. The company knows the tanning industry very well, making the comprehension of production requirements much simpler.


Qualified technicians

at the service of technological development.

The constant growth of the company and its market has led Mosconi spa to having to meet numerous requirements, from the simplest to the most complex: a wealth of experience that has been transferred into the machines and in their increasingly updated technology. Technological development means not only the performance of the machines, but also the work modes, saving time and producing excellent results.

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