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Super Zenit splitting machine.

The machine body is particularly robust and is made of one electro-welded steel block, which is heat treated to avoid deformations from wear. The adjustment of the distance between the blade and the transport unit (head/bench) is achieved through the machine front regulator. It is possible to vary the axis of the ring roller compared to the conveyor one, to facilitate the passage of the thickest split (Mosconi patent) through the regulators.

Other technical features of splitting machines.
  • The splitting machine has panels to visualise the thickness of the processed hides and to control the grinding of the blades.
  • The counter-roller unit (in the lime-split version) contrasts the bending of the rubber-coated cylinder with independent adjustments.
  • The loading table is without steel sheet, to illustrate the air channelling needed to clean the bench tips and the same cutting area.
  • The wet-blue version provides an automatic introducer, the motorisation of the joint movement of head and bench with reading of the movement on a display, and the bilateral split outfeed belt. The application of the regulator motorisation can be combined with a rear measurement bridge.
  • The double counter roller unit, applied in the central area, allows the limited use of the “brackets” only on the side parts of the traction roller (where there is less wear), therefore reducing the maintenance and adjustment operations.
super zenit slitting machine structure


SUPER ZENIT 1800 2300 3000 3200 3300
Working width mm 1800 2300 3000 3200 3300
Length mm 5060 5560 6260 6460 6460
Width mm 1350 1350 1350 1350 1350
Height mm 1730 1730 1730 1730 1730
Maximum installed power - 50 Hz kW WB 25 25 25 25 28
TR 30 30 30 30 30
Maximum installed power - 60 Hz kW WB 30 30 30 30 33
TR 36 36 36 36 36
Net weight kg 8500 9200 10000 10100 10200


Upon customer request, Mosconi spa regulator motorisation in the wet blue/dry version and the programmable motorisation of the longitudinal bench for the lime-split version. It is also possible to request the remote assistance service.

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