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aster rasatrice 2500-3200
From 2500 to 3200 mm
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The new Aster 2500-3200 model.

To meet the broad market and the various productions, the company has produced two versions of the Aster shaving machine: 1800-2400 and 2500-3200. Mosconi spa has particularly focused on the design and production of the beam and fixed blade cylinder. The new technology is joined by the essentiality of the controls and by the innovative functions, designed for the simple and immediate use of the machine by the tannery operators. An example is the new Aster equipment: a modern touch screen control panel to view the interactive pages. All the components have been designed to guarantee the best result in each shaving phase.

Touch screen control panel shaving machine
Hydraulic unit mosconi shaving machine


Aster 2500-3200.

Also made in a single heat-treated monobloc and therefore resistant to deformation, the Aster version with a 2500-3200 millimetre working width has a hydraulic unit formed by an automatic lubrication unit (with acoustic signal in the event of circuit anomalies), valve unit and inspection point.

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Technical features of the shaving machine.

  • The recovery of the blade cylinder wear occurs through an automatic device that keeps the shaving thickness constant.
  • The tempered and ground prismatic guide is assembled on the stabilised structure of the beam.
  • The cast iron grinding carriage is particularly stable due to the large support bases.
  • The machine management and axis control are carried out through a brand new numerical control system (CNC).
  • It has a touch screen (TS) interface.

The thickness (increases, decreases and fine adjusting) has been chosen with a centesimal variation.
The working speed is from 0 to 50 metres a minute on the infeed and 70 metres a minute in the outfeed.

Other features are:

  • grinding and lubrication (times and modes),
  • anti-collision of the chromium-plated cylinder on the blade cylinder,
  • hide counting (partial and total), of the grinding, working hours etc,
  • self-learning for continuous cycle repetition of the phases set by the operator,
  • diagnostics,
  • remote assistance (optional).

The Aster model also has support bases of the grinding carriage with Turcite insertion, sliding guides for the grinder carriage made of cemented and ground steel, electric drive for the grinder movement and “detach-attach” control.

carrello affilatore


ASTER 2500-3200 2500 3000 3200
Working width mm 2500 3000 3200
Length [A] mm 4945 5445 5645
Width [B] mm 1723 1723 1723
Height [H] mm 1770 1770 1770
Maximum installed power - 50 Hz kW 110 110 110
Maximum installed power - 60 Hz kW 128 128 128
Net weight kg 11000 12000 12500

Adjustment of the rubber-coated cylinder.

The choice of using fixed blade beam and cylinder has allowed us to create an original patented solution to control the grip pressure of the rubber-coated roller. The supports move on guides that allow the distance set between the rubber-coated cylinder, the blades and the working pressure to remain unchanged, until they are completely worn. This ensures the constant grip pressure, damage reduction on the front tips and, above all, allows a very high degree of safety for the operator, as the protective barrier moves in complete synchrony.

regolazione cilindro gommato

Other details of the new Aster shaving machine:

  • 1. the rubber roller,
  • 2. the fixing support,
  • 3. the adjustable barrier,
  • 4. the sensitive safety system (pressure),
  • 5. the chromium plated cylinder,
  • 6. the cylinder with blade.
carter di protezione dispositivo deformazione trave

Other details of the new Aster shaving machine.

  • This model has an electric biconicity chromium-plated cylinder and a hydraulic unit composed of automatically lubricated valves and acoustic signal in the event of circuit anomalies.
  • The beam deformation device corrects the thickness of the sides.
  • Machine safety is guaranteed also by the presence of the protective cover: the beam is closed with an inspection porthole.
  • The gear unit with ball screws is designed for the search and centesimal variation of the thickness.
  • The blade cylinder motorisation occurs with transmission through belts.

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